About Us

Why choose the name Fatna 54 ?

For more than 10 years in the field of online e-commerce retail and advertising and with the help of a dedicated team dedicated to improving its ability to provide style advice and help in the fashion style and growth of e-commerce, we have pride in the brand name to evaluate and display modern and original clothes in e-shopping sites because we are modern innovators Sophisticated marketing ideas and product evaluation to showcase the best clothes so we decided to work with the most powerful companies and now Fatna 54 is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

We work also with Aliexpress.com, Dubli.comDublinetwork.com, Google.Adsense 
and other companies operating in the system of Affiliats marketing and we are determined to become a leader in e-commerce marketing, We have created a new platform in Fatna 54, a fashion and clothing specialist and experienced bookwriter working from our offices in New York, Algeria, which operates under the Future's 20-year policy, which guarantees a reduced editorial guarantee. We specialize in describing and explaining the simplest ways, the Internet for men's clothing and women's clothing in a way that allows to see the best types of clothes and prices to enjoy and facilitate the process of choosing the right clothes for you. Exclusive offers for luxury clothing at the best prices based on a simple explanation to take advantage of the Internet, buying clothes slack is very easy without any effort because the growth of e-commerce develops, Fatna 54 Brand Store will tell you about e-shopping sites the latest new things about the clothing market in the list of Amazon sites and trade retail and other large sites and the top online retail sites in the field of clothing it is difficult to provide you with the original prices and exclusive access we will review it carefully to explain to you how to choose and why you buy it (or not), then it is up to you please add your own feedback.

For the owner of the site :

Engineer : Karim BENAMAR is a  young man aged 31, graduated from the Faculty of Business Economics, specializes in business management and marketing in the assessment of clothing and fashion expert and help in the fashion and lovers of the benefit of shopping online, so thank God so much for this science and opportunity to become our first name in e-shopping and retail e-commerce worldwide and become the highest online retail sites also a source of income other than pay for work in a great position especially in the clothing sector and open online shop Fatna 54 which offers the best experience for you.

The credibility of our products :

Most of our products are from global original brands We do not only offer good quality products that we have brought from the biggest e-commerce site to Amazon and Aliexpress.

Method of dealing with the client :

We are committed to providing the best service to evaluate your clothes and display them in your Fatna 54 clothing shop, worldwide, for questions and inquiries, please contact us now from fatna54.apparel@gmail.com.

I wish everyone success and get shoping clothing online at store Fatna 54.